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    What is AWS?

    AWS stands for Amazon Web Services that provide users with a cloud-based platform for a wide range of services. Numerous business organizations actively opt for an AWS managed service provider as it gives the business the needed push to grow and thrive via its flexible and cost-effective solution.

    AWS Managed Services is a set of tools and services that facilitate infrastructure management tasks for Amazon Web Services. This service is specifically for large enterprises seeking a simple method for migrating on-premises workloads to the public cloud and managing them after migrating.

    CodeTeck AWS Managed Service Provider

    CodeTeck is a cloud-native managed service provider that focuses on managed and professional services for AWS. We assist clients in deploying and managing IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) solutions.

    • IaaS is a cloud computing service that provides integral compute, storage, and networking resources on demand. It is one of the four types of cloud services.
    • PaaS happens to be a development and deployment environment in the cloud along with the resources that allow you to benefit from simple to advanced and sophisticated cloud-based enterprise applications.

    Solution offerings include automation, cloud optimization, cloud-native agile applications, mass migration, mission-critical apps, security, and compliance along with DevOps modernization. CodeTeck offers other managed cloud services as well such as consultancy and management services. With our services, companies can set up a public cloud as a business solution, that assists users in both identifying and migrating the workloads that are most appropriate for their cloud deployments.

    Managed Cloud Services

    CodeTeck AWS Managed Service Provider team collaborates to successfully achieve optimized, cost-effective, and secure environments. You can rest assured of a secure, resilient, and dynamic environment by employing our experience, tools, and automated processes for rapid responses in an event.

    CodeTeck prides itself on designing, building, and managing a multitude of managed services on AWS.

    • A Managed Platform We make sure that your site is secured and monitored 24/7. This way, your team shall spend less time on IT chores and concentrate on growing the business.

    • Managed Data Our team of experts will manage your data pipelines, databases, BI tooling, and Database Administration. You can sit back and relax.

    • Managed End User Compute (EUC) We shall assist you in creating a scalable workforce management environment, utilizing the AWS Virtual Desktop. It is the simplest means to fulfil your business’s remote working needs.

    • DevOps as Service CodeTeck provides an adaptable subscription-based model that focuses on continuous improvement so your environment keeps pace with the latest changes. Benefits of Using CodeTeck AWS Managed Services Provider

    Why CodeTeck Stands Out?

    We are one of the top Amazon Managed Services in Canada. We offer professional assistance with agility, scalability, security, and migration. Moreover, we also define support roles and utilize automation to incorporate intelligence into IT service delivery.

    Our services range from general-purpose for all enterprises to vertical-specific solutions that are tailored according to every business’s size and industry