How to hire the best UI/UX designer?

If your site has a slow, complicated, and inconvenient design, users will take a few minutes to uninstall the apps or leave the website. To ensure the success of your website, you need to make certain that your website offers a high-quality interface (UI) and satisfactory user experience. Both UX and UI designers are responsible for different steps of software development and facilitate you with the app/site flow and satisfactory user journey.

UI and UX design are the basic means of building a connection and interacting with your target audience. They are two different components of a consumer experience. Effective UI and UX designs are significant in boosting engagement, and conversions, and also building a connection with the audience that leads to business revenue. Therefore, the business should invest in an efficient and skilled UI UX designer.

What is UX?

UX means the user experience and emphasizes the working of something and how people interact with it. A UX designer makes sure that users can resonate with the product and create a way that smoothly goes from one step to another.

What is UI?

UI refers to the user interface that focuses on the layout and looks. A UI designer ensures that each of the pages successfully visually communicates that path.

Having said that, let’s dig a bit deeper and discuss in detail what the job of a UI and UX designer entails:

UX Designer – What does he do?

UX designers are responsible for ensuring a good user experience. They have the responsibility of guaranteeing the best user experience for the user when they interact with your website. A UX designer observes users and their behavior, then crafts a user journey that allows the user to achieve what they want easily.

Some of the main job responsibilities of a UX designer are:

User Research

UX designers try to learn everything they can about the users, including their behavior, needs, motivations, and goals. They use different methods to collect data like online surveys, interviewing users, competitive analysis, etc. Then they transform the data into quantitative and qualitative information that influences the decision-making process.

Design User Personas

Identify the main user groups and then create personas of their behavior and demographics. These personas help in making detailed scenarios that depict how the products fit into every day of the user.

Create User Flows Wireframes and Information Architecture

It is a representation of the design. Wireframes indicate the user’s journey as they interact with the app/website, such as UI elements like images or buttons. Organizing the content within the website or app for user guidance so they can learn about the product.

Design Prototypes

Creating an interactive final version of the product pre-development that users can click or download. This way the user can test the main product interactions. Latest technology and modern prototype tools help UX designers to record prototypes in the form of videos to guide users through the design functions.

UI Designer – What Does He Do?

When it comes to UI UX designers, the UI designer focus on user navigation. The user interaction design I called the UX function. So, it is common to come across the terms used interchangeably in most of JDs and job titles.

The main job responsibilities of a UI designer include:

User Interaction with Products

User interface involves the visual representation of the website or an app. It includes things like the way everything is arranged on the page and how all the elements such as color schemes, font choice, visuals, buttons, and graphics are part of the interface design. These items help the user in understanding the items that can be swiped, tapped, or clicked.

Teaming up with UX Designers

UI UX designers work closely. UX designers ensure that the user journey mirrors the product vision of the UX team. 

For example, can a user easily complete the steps in an online purchase? While checking out, does the cross-sell or the upsell attempt successfully? UI designers also work on voice user interfaces to assist voice-activated IoT devices like virtual assistants or smart speakers. Their main job is designing pathways that help users complete their tasks without utilizing help from a visual interface.

How to Hire the Best UI/UX Designer?

Define Your Requirements

The first step in hiring the best UI UX designer is first determining why you need them. Make a list of your needs and requirements for which you need a UI UX designer. For example, you want to boost conversions and sales while increasing brand awareness as well. You would have to be clear and elaborate on your expectations from hiring a professional and adopting a business perspective.

Also, give information about your business as your unique traits will translate into your design.

Shortlist Applicants

After you have decided what you want from a designer, you can begin your search. After doing research, you can start agencies or UI UX designers.

Check our Portfolios

You would find multiple portfolios and profiles of designers on a single platform. Design agencies display their portfolios on their sites and popular platforms as well. While checking a portfolio, try to find projects that are similar to yours and your needs. See that the designer has experience in creating product designs in your niche.

Interview Candidates

One of the most important parts of the recruitment process for UI UX designers is where you can access both the hard and soft skills of your candidates. In case you have no prior knowledge and experience in hiring a designer, it is wise to involve an experienced specialist who could assess candidates.

Sign a Contract

If you decide to hire a UI UX designer via an agency. This is necessary. After negotiating all the details such as the scope of work and cost, you should sign a contract so you can protect yourself from missed deadlines or poor-quality work. You can hire the services of experienced freelancers as well.

Every digital product needs UI/UX design. A good design can be essential for your conversions, sales, engagement, and, as a result, revenue. A UI/UX designer possesses experience and expertise in both usability and visual design. However, you can hire two separate individuals so they can focus on particular tasks. 

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