Orange Traders

Client Background

Orange Traders facilitates smooth sale purchases of cars across the globe. The online portal provides an ease to all those working in the automobile industry and get themselves a good deal. The platform is committed to creating an ultimate buy/sell experience for those selling or looking for the perfect set of wheels. 

The Challenge

The main challenge our client faced was unleashing the true potential of search engines and utilizing their website to the fullest to drive traffic, generate quality leads, and offer an impressive customer experience while nurturing those leads and converting them to sales. 

Moreover, the company needed professional assistance so it could set its website on the path to a thriving online presence and success. The clients needed help with its website design, SEO optimization, branding materials, and mobile application.

To sum up, the goal was to ensure that the client gets top-of-the-page results, by designing an engaging website that delivers a smooth experience. Moreover, we focused on strengthening its online presence, boosting brand awareness, and ascertaining long-term lead generation and conversion.  

The Deliverable
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