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We will create targeted marketing campaigns and SEO-optimized content to boost your organic traffic and ranking of your website so you can have more leads and maximize your business revenue. CodeTeck Local SEO company Canada would ensure everything to take your business to the top!



    We guarantee more leads, conversions, and sales. We offer professional SEO Canada services to your business throughout the major cities:

    Our SEO Agency in Canada Would Make Your Business Go Up

    Our SEO specialists are here for the apt definition of your digital goals and to work on building a robust online presence for your business. We create engaging and relevant content while using popular and appropriate keywords so that your website is optimized for SEO in the best way. As your business finds its way to the top of search results, more people will know about your brand and trust your authenticity.

    As a result, more people would end up on your website leading to conversions and improved ROI. Our SEO Canada company will curate comprehensive marketing and SEO campaigns that boost your business reach.

    We shall curate a detailed social media and web campaign that guarantees significant growth in your business’ reach. With our SEO Canada services, we can provide your business with everything that it needs to rank on top by working on local SEO and ensuring your business reaches the maximum number of potential customers. With our well-rounded strategies optimized for SEO and the latest digital marketing tactics, we guarantee the achievement of targeted solutions for revolutionizing your business reach and rankings.

    Our Process

    • Learning Everything about Your Business

      The first step is finding out about your business. We learn everything about your business and what you have done to boost its reach and online presence. Then after having a detailed discussion, we will decide on an action plan.

    • Site Optimization

      To ensure that your site is optimized for SEO Canada, it has to be prepared for search engines. It should not only appear on search engines but engage visitors as well so they spend time on your website. Our experts know exactly what needs to be done with your website.

    • Launch Campaign

      When our team decides to launch a campaign, it is not a single one. Rather numerous campaigns. Our skilled team would write engaging blogs, build links, upload appealing posts on social media platforms, and manage everything regarding your online advertising campaigns for successful SEO.

    • Research & Planning

      No business can carry out a successful marketing campaign without proper planning or research. We find out what your customers are typing in the search bar when they are looking for a product or service. We focus on Keyword Research, Site Audit, and Link Research.

    • Full Online Audit

      We closely analyze and observe your website and take every single online footprint left by your business into account. This is crucial to ensure that you are following all guidelines set by Google. If you have missed out on something, we identify it and fix it for you.

    • Reporting & Success Tracking

      Our team believes in keeping clients in the loop. We give detailed progress reports to the clients so they are aware of their website rankings, traffic, and the number of leads.


    Full-service SEO company Canada

    CodeTeck offers professional Local SEO Canada services. We do everything to boost your online visibility, increase SERP rankings and optimize your landing pages as well as a business website. We handle everything regarding SEO and digital marketing. We give feedback to our clients and continue to improve our strategies and tactics to make your business grow.

    If you wish to make your business rank among the top Canadian businesses, we know what it takes to do so. With the right SEO and digital marketing tactics, we guarantee the success of your business with more traffic, more leads, and more sales so your business enjoys a boost in ROI