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Everything we do at CodeTeck is about you, our clients. From in-house developers who generate and assemble compelling new ideas, to QA teams that make sure that each service you get is perfect. We prioritize providing the best experience to you while solving your complex business problems.

We are not confined to one thing and specialize in several areas of IT, some of them are Application Integration, Amazon Connect, Quality Assurance, Application Development, Cloud Services, Business Application, Application Modernization, SEO, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, and Artificial Intelligence & Analytics.

custom software solutions

Our services are defined by quality and commitment.


Our team has the expertise and experience to act as consultants and provide you with valuable suggestions for the business.


We come up with targeted solutions and strategies and then implement them to drive traffic and ROI for your business.

Managed Services

You can count on our team’s expertise for efficient remote management and delivery of IT services.

customer service

We cater to your specific business problems, weigh down all the options, and provide an ideal solution for them.

What Makes CodeTeck Unique?

We are driven and offer innovative and smart eCommerce solutions. At CodeTeck, our team brainstorms and designs plans for customers aiming for 100% results. We are constantly in the process of exploring, evolving, and learning on the go. For us, investment in technology and talent is a serious business. You provide tailored solutions to your digital needs and handle everything expertly and efficiently.

CEO COdeteck

Zainab Shahid, CEO


Our most important aspect is investing in our people as we grow. CodeTeck puts excellent value in reinventing itself every few years. We have created a culture that allows us to foster innovation in its broader sense and focus on idea generation. One of our key strengths is solving complex business problems for which we have invested in solution development. We aim to grow as a global technology brand that provides sustainable value and delivers exceptional customer service. Our business provides solid and practical solutions with a technology-driven impact by providing quality and custom-designed services.

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CodeTeck offer you all kind of the IT solutions
Application UX UI

Our specialized design team provides you with efficient UX/UI that is not only easy to interact with but is also consistent.

Quality Assurance

Our QA experts help you in improving your product/services and its quality, which leads to better customer response and experience.

Our team of skilled graphic designers will provide you with high-quality designs right on time.

Amazon Connect

Our developers develop easy to interact, innovative and reliable applications combined with Amazon services for your business to stay on top with the best customer service.

Content Writing

Cloud Services is not limited to just one thing but a variety of services that you can buy according to your business requirement over the internet


Our team specializes in creating strategies and layouts according to you and your target audience to guarantee maximum traffic.

We guide our clients to make significant changes and successfully achieve their goals.
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The remarkable results achieved by organizations that trust Systems.
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  • We at CodeTeck strive to transform the IT space by offering our best work. CodeTeck emphasizes on making itself better, stronger, and more efficient for its clients with each passing year while creating a culture that allows us to foster innovation in its broader sense.

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